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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Self Inker” ?

Self Inkers or Self Inking Stamps are the most popular of all the stamps we sell. They have an ink pad built into the stamp so that no separate pad is required which makes them very clean and convenient to use. They have a modern ergonomic design, are robust and give thousands of high quality impressions before they need a replacement pad. There is a huge range of shapes and sizes to choose from as well as three ranges suited to different levels of usage.

What is a “Hand Stamp” or “Traditional Stamp” ?

They are the stamps normally associated with the popular idea of a rubber stamp. They are robust and come in a large range of sizes. They are the cheapest of the three main types but they do require the use of a separate ink pad. They are available in sizes larger than those available in the self inking ranges.

What is a “Pre-Ink” ?

Pre-Inked stamps do not require a separate ink pad as the ink is impregnated into the stamp die. They are the most expensive of the three but give thousands of very high quality impressions before they need refreshing or replacing. They are also available in larger sizes than self inkers.

What is a “Die” or “Text Plate” ?

This is the engraved rubber onto which is engraved the text or design that makes the imprint on the stamping surface.

What is a “Custom Stamp” ?

A stamp that has a die customised to your requirements.

What is a “Stock Stamp” ?

An “off the shelf” stamp that has a die with a stock design, usually text. Examples would be “Copy”, “Faxed”, “Confidential” etc.

Can I stamp on ANY surface with the ink you supply ?

The ink that is contained in self inking pads and ink pads for hand stamps is formulated for use on normal “office” papers. It dries by absorption into the paper. It is not suitable for paper with a shiny finishes or non porous surfaces. We can supply a range of special inks for use on most other surfaces.

Can I refill my ink pad ?

In the case of self inking pads the answer is no. The supplied formulation of ink is required to achieve good stamping results and many other inks will adversely affect the die and in some cases the stamp mechanism. We supply replacement ink pads at a reasonable cost for Colop and other makes of self inker. We supply bottles of ink for replenishing pads used with hand stamps.

What ink colours can I have ?

The standard range of colours is Black, Red, Blue, Green and Violet. Other colours can be supplied on request but are not held in stock. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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